Window Replacement

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Windows should brighten up your life, not complicate it. When you purchase your windows from Geisler Roofing, you’ll get the top-of-the-line performance and energy efficiency- without ever having to scrape, sand or paint another window again. Rely on our trained and certified professionals for your window replacement in Concordia / Salina, KS. Give us a call at 785-819-5048 today.

Window Types

  • Low-E
  • Vinyl
  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Energy Efficient
  • …and more!

What to Consider With Window Shopping

What to consider when you’re out shopping for windows are several factors. You may want natural light, protection from UV rays, better security, certain stylistic shapes, better drafts, or easier cleaning ability of both sides of the pane. In general, it’s ideal to look for something that is both energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Windows that show excellent ratings will not only look good aesthetically but also last for years down the line. You may also want to check with a company’s warranty before committing to a purchase to see what is actually covered if problems arise. Doing your research is essential to ensure you choose windows that are protective, high performing, and will last for years to come.

Protective Features in Windows

Windows are an important part of your property as they can be affected by daily temperature changes, weather, and other impacts. It’s important to have materials that best protect your home from water damages, poos air quality, and other kinds of influences that can affect the interior and exterior of your home. Essentially, windows can fit with any budget, style, material options, or function of your choosing. Consider improving on energy efficiency so that you may have lower energy bills throughout the year. Windows that are thermal or have energy efficiency features are a good way to ensure that your windows are functioning to preserve the internal climate of your home. Windows made of warp-resistant PVC vinyl, for example, that have fully-welded frames and tight seals will provide more insulation benefits. By getting windows with certain materials such as PVC you won’t need to refinish or paint them and they are less likely to warp. Another thing to consider is air infiltration and weather stripping. With vinyl, you may not get high air filtration ratings due to welded corners. Windows with weatherstripping will typically have them made from materials that are felt or fiberglass. Essentially weatherstripping will act as a barrier from dust and air, you may have two weather stips blocking the outside window yet more effective windows are triple or even quadruple stripped. You’ll want to have at least two layers of protection around any operable part of your window. In order to see what will work best for your needs, it’s best to confer with a professional to see what materials and features will be best for your property.

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Styles to Consider

Certain styles of windows can also be considered for stylistic and use purposes. With casement windows, you’ll have a window that will crank up horizontally with hinged mounted on one side top to bottom. One side remains stationary, while the other side pivots open like a door. They are windows that very common to see and second only to double-hung windows. With double-hung windows, there will be two large sashes or frame units surrounding the glass panels which will slide up and down within vertical tracks. More modern double-hung windows will have sashes counterbalanced by springs hidden in the side tracks. Casement windows are a little more modern in style than will double-hung and can be useful for catching and directing a cool breeze into the home. With double-hung windows, you still get the functionality while providing classic traditional styling to your home. Ultimately, there are many types of styles that you may prefer for the function and look of your windows. Speak to our team of experts to get guided through your options and get the windows that you want.

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Geisler Roofing is ready to provide you with durable window replacement in Concordia / Salina, KS. We’ll be happy to discuss the differences between your window options and how they will best benefit your property according your your property specifications. It’s essential to upgrade you windows in order to ensure peak performance, enhanced protection from weather, easier functions, and a higher life expectancy. Increase the aesthetic of your property with attractive windows. Call us at 785-819-5048 today to learn more about our windows and see how you can get started.