Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Concordia / Salina, KS

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Modern Looks & Increased Protection

Metal roofing is a popular option in roofing materials due to their modernity and premium roof protective capabilities. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials to match with any design aesthetic and last for decades. Learn more about our roofing options by calling the experts at Geisler Roofing. We provide metal roof installation in Concordia / Salina, KS as well as metal roof repair for your convenience. Give us a call at 785-819-5048 today.

Types Metal Roofing Materials

  • Steel
  • Galvalume
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc


Styles and Colors

Metal roofing comes in a wide range of color options and can be cut and profiled to match your style preferences and roofing needs. From standing seam metal roofing, metal tiles, corrugated metal, and more you can ensure that your roof will stand out above the rest. Metal sheets can be customized to fit with your property specifications and if repairs are necessary can be matched accordingly for a seamless finish. Metal roofs can come in a range of thicknesses, known as gauges, as well depending on your structure. Confer with your local expert roofer to discuss what details work best with your property and region weather patterns.

Even with metal roofing materials, certain options will stand out more above the others due to their differences in protective abilities. Zinc for example is ideal in preventing corrosion which can be beneficial in coastal regions. Materials like galvalume (steel with aluminum and zinc) and galvanized steel (steel with zinc) will incorporated coatings of other metal materials for added protection. Ultimately metal roofing materials can be chosen based on the protection they provide. Learn more by speaking to our knowledgeable staff members about metal roofing today.

The Benefits of a Residential Metal Roof

Metal roofing holds onto a large variety of advantages from roof longevity to energy efficiency. A metal roof can protect against inclement weather as severe as hurricanes with its protection from high force winds, large hail, and rain. They are able to deflect mildew, rot, and mold as well as the infestation of insects and other pests. They will protect the roof from the sun’s harsh UV rays which can prematurely damage any roofing material. Additionally, they block heat from entering the building which provides cool roofing benefits that lower energy consumption which in turn lowers energy bills.

  • Longevity: Perhaps most known for its longevity, a metal roof can last 50 plus years across the generations. Most manufacturers typically offer warranties on their products starting at 50 years.
  • Durability: Metal roofs have a wide range of protective advantages from protection against, hail, rain, smoke, high winds, UV rays, and more. All of these abilities will result in lower maintenance needs as well as the need for repairs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs offer cool roofing abilities due to the metal reflective light and UV rays which can cause temperature fluctuations on a building. With more stable building temperatures you won’t have to worry that your HVAC system is working in overdrive to keep up with constant temperature changes. You’ll save on energy bills over time as well as energy use which can be detrimental to your footprint.

Learn more about the benefits of a metal roof installation in Concordia / Salina, KS with our team of experts.

Metal Roof Repair

In general, a metal roof will be able to protect your home or business from a number of influences. However, with inclement weather and other conditions, there can be some damages that come about. In these cases, repairs should be done as soon as possible. Luckily, metal roof repairs are fairly easy to take care of and fast. Allow for a professional roofing company to handle these changes as only with a professional will you ensure secure work. See how our trained and certified roofers are able to help you by giving us a call today.

Steel roofing on modern apartment condo building for hurricane protection

We’re Here to Take Care of You

Our team at Geisler Roofing offers a range of materials and metal roof styles to choose from. If you’d like to be guided through your options call on our knowledgeable and friendly staff. We’ll be sure to match materials to your property goals and specifications. You can expect that all of our roofing services are done wit the utmost care and precious so that your roof can last for years to come without a hitch. We’re here to take care of you at any time. Simple give us a call at 785-819-5048 for metal roof installation in Concordia / Salina, KS and other services.