Residential Roof Installation

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Get Secure & Durable Installations

Geisler Roofing has the tools and techniques to provide you with a secure residential roof installation in Concordia / Salina, KS. Initial roofing installations are typically the culprit of any repairs or replacements down the line. In order to avoid these problems down the line, it’s best to have a certified and trained roofer provide you with a roof installation. With a professional you can ensure that all materials are fitted properly to match with your unique property specifications and codes. Reach out to our staff regarding our roof installation services at 785-819-5048. You won’t be disappointed with our work by the time we’ve covered your property!

Metal Roofing

Geisler Roofing is here to provide you with a roof that has superior protection and life. If you’re looking for a premium roofing material look no further than metal roofing. Metal roofing has become a popular roofing option for both homes and businesses due to its heightened durability and assortment of style and color options. With metal roofing, you’ll carry Class A fire protection, high resistance to winds even as powerful as hurricanes, water protection, energy efficiency, and more. There a number of styles to choose from with such options as metal roof tiles, a corrugated roof, standing seam, metal shingles, and more.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular and widely used roofing materials that are affordable options for your home or business. With us, you’ll have a full manufacturer’s warranty with wind protection as high as 111mph. We provide Energy Star standards to keep your attic cool along with Class A fire rating, stain, and algae resistance with your asphalt shingles. Get the classic roofing look chosen by many and consider the standard protection that asphalt shingles provide.

Energy Efficiency

With your roofing materials, it’s essential to have the ability to ward off the influence of the sun on your materials. Not only can the sun prematurely age your roof, but it will also heighten building temperatures which can cause your HVAC systems to work on overdrive to stabilize temperatures. With reflective roofing, you’ll have UV rays and solar radiation reflected off of the surface of the roof which significantly cools the overall building. With this ability, you’ll not only be saving on energy use but also on your monthly energy bills. An energy-efficient roof is not only beneficial to the environment but will better protect your roofing system as well.

Learn more about what’s best with your residential roof installation in Concordia / Salina, KS by speaking to our friendly team today.

Roof Inspection

Before you start with any roofing service it’s important to have your roof inspected in case there are any underlying issues with your property that will require a repair before starting new services. Essentially, the support of your roofing systems and any weak areas of the roof will be checked to make sure that all are in working order to support new materials. Your roofer will communicate with you about the condition of your roof and what materials will best match your region’s climate and will align with your property goals. Your roofing materials will be cut and sized to best fit your property’s measurements and specifications. Start the process of procuring a brand new roof with better performance by reaching out to our team today.

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Speak With Our Team About Your Roofing Goals

Geisler Roofing is ready to confer with you about your roofing goals. We provide a free inspection and estimate in order for you to know what you are committing to. It’s essential that you speak with a professional roofer to weigh your options of materials for your residential roof installation in Concordia / Salina, KS. Your roof will last for years to come with our help. Call us at 785-819-5048 to begin. We look forward to collaborating with you on your new roof!